Ludington Michigan for absolutely Cosmic Dog Treats

Back when the wind had started to get a little chillier, the sun was going down a little sooner, and the fall colors were just about to peak, I took a ride to Ludington, Michigan where I ran into a wonderful woman, Rochelle, and her Cosmic Canine Creations. 

Normally I would take Trumpet with me on adventures but I was delivering a singing telegram, so I was not able to bring him along. But, as usual I made the effort to include him nonetheless.

I was so excited when I saw the storefront, because since moving to Western Michigan I had not found a healthy dog store where we could get some raw bones and other yummy healthy treats.


I excitedly entered the store and started asking questions to Rochelle, who was incredible at informing me about her business. She told me about her amazing dogs which she had rescued and their successes with raw food, and her special treats. She makes the treats in her “Barkery” (love that), herself with human grade ingredients and she is even getting certified by the USDA. She does not use corn, wheat or soy, and tries to use as many organic ingredients as possible.

I bought two different types of treats.  Punkin Snaps and S’Mittens. I love her use of healthy ingredients but also flavors that I know Trumpet adores.


It was true! Trumpet loves Cosmic Canine Creations treats! They are fresh, so need to be refrigerated so they will stay tasty and healthy for your pup.

By the way, the store is part of an organization supporting local Michigan small businesses. The Michigan Marketplace is a boutique shopping area downtown in Ludington. There are a number of small Michigan businesses that one can support by stopping in.

If you haven’t seen Ludington anyway, Trumpet and I highly recommend a trip to see Lake Michigan but also make sure to visit Rochelle’s store.  When you speak with her she will tell you many wonderful stories as well.  As a small business owner myself, I appreciate the hard work people put into their dreams and trying to make life work on their terms. Cheers to you Rochelle! It was truly a pleasure meeting you. Next time Trumpet and I will stop in and try some new flavors, and maybe grab one of your other great dog products made by other dog lovers! Thank you!


And in case there was any question, Trumpet could not wait to gobble up his new treats!



The Loss of a Wonderful Service Dog

Trombone, my beloved Miniature Pinscher passed away, much too early on April 9th, 2017.  He came to me when he was just under a year old, and he was tired of competing with his siblings and housemate doggies for food and attention. He was pretty thin, and kind of sad and nervous.  I took him in as a companion to Trumpet, and they quickly became buddies. Trombone was cheerful, energetic, sweet as pie, but also quite a “king” and “owned” every toy and bone in the house. He had a personality that was as individual as his squeaky bark. 

He quickly became an emotional service dog. He would stay with me in a backpack and go wherever I did. He would sit in the backpack at my feet in a restaurant and no one would ever know he was there. He was incredibly well behaved especially if he was touching me, leaning on a foot, or ankle, or in my sweatshirt (his favorite place).  He was so loyal that he was not happy if he wasn’t with me, attached to me somehow.  He knew what he did for me, and that seemed that it was all he wanted to do, aside from eat and learn tricks and get treats. 

I have never lost a dog before. This was a first for me, and one period of my life that was very special. I will never forget Trombone, and will miss him every day. All I had to say was “OK!” When we were laying around, and he would immediately jump up at the ready for whatever was coming!  I am so grateful to have had the experience and time that I did with Trombone. I will thank him profusely when I see him over the rainbow bridge. 

He loved burrowing so much, that he burrowed into doggie heaven. Love you, Trombone.

Trombone October 23, 2013 – April 9, 2017 R.I.P., buddy!

Well it’s been awhile…..

Wow the last year has been a challenge for not only us, but the fact that our mom hasn’t gotten out as much as she would hope! Mom got in a car accident and was afraid that anything (any-thing) on social media could have been used against her while in litigation. Her car was totaled while she was minding her own business driving to the dealership to get service..luckily we were not in the car. But, she was hurt pretty badly and saw many doctors over one year and a half as she healed and tried to get back to her awesome self emotionally and physically, so we , the pups, missed out a little on our fun.

But…. now mom is better and we went on a hike!

We went to the Rachel Carson Greenway in Montgomery County, MD.  It has 10 miles of trails, although we just did a short stint because we are getting our legs back.  Not too many people on a Sunday morning and we even realized there’s another trail on the other side of the river that we missed so we are definitely coming back!

This is a very convenient place right off of the 29 in Silver Spring. We highly recommend it!

We thank you for following our blog. We hope to have many more entries this year as we travel and go on adventures! Please tell your friends to follow us we are excited to be back up and running around 😃

Who are you voting for?

Trumpet and Trombone were wondering who you were voting for this year? The choices can be confusing and people seem to not be too sure about our candidates. So we wanted to offer an alternative.

Introducing, Trumpet For President. A small campaign to offer an alternative candidate that you can write in on your ballot to show your support.  Do you want someone who has your best interest at heart? Of course you do!  This candidate is friendly, loving, excited, honest, loyal, protective, and gives tons of kisses to babies and adults!

Don’t forget to write in your ballot, TRUMPET FOR PRESIDENT!


Don’t “dog” the clowns!

Hey folks,

Creepy clowns are really ruining some business for local entertainers. Please don’t listen to the negative press about these creepy clowns, some clowns are professionally trained, like BEE BEE Clown, who’s primary income comes from making kids happy!  Please support your local entertainers and together we can overcome the negative stance on this. Even Stephen King has spoken up about the unfair practices of so called “evil clowns.”

Check out this video and remember, clowns are there to make you and your kids happy!

The most awesome harness – BrilliantK9 ergonomic dog harness

I have been product testing a new harness out there, and I covered it in my page as well.  The BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness is so good, I needed to write about it twice! Trumpet (the big one) is a puller.  Trombone (the little one) also likes to pull. This harness, as noted in the photos has created a dynamic that on a walk means that i can hold the leash with one finger and pulling is a minimal problem. What a miracle! We have tried the Easywalk harness, the Gentle Leader (nose harness), which Trumpet removes with the greatest of ease, the Cesar slip leash, and more!

I have trained my dogs to dance, do lots of tricks, perform, and to do agility and some freestyle, yet pulling has always been an issue on normal walks.  It is such a pleasure to discuss this harness, as it has really reduced the pull reflex and created an opportunity to feel more connected to my dogs, and actually be able to enjoy a walk!

The most recent press release from the company discusses the concept, which is derived from horse concepts, as well as from talking with veterinarians, veterinarian chiropractors, agility trainers, dog obedience trainers, dog rehabilitation specialists, and more.  The harness looks like a saddle, and does no harm to the dog’s neck, ribcage, or head as it fits like a “comfortable t-shirt.”

The BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Dog Harness is machine washable, very durable, comes in a wide variety of cool designs and colors, is very reflective, and is even customized with patches that have your dog’s name on them.

Teri Jaymes is a pleasure to communicate with and will answer any specific questions one may have about fitting the harness or anything else.  The BrilliantK9 Ergonomic Harness is found from a number of dealers, and there is a trainer dealer program as well.

In terms of my experience with fitting the harness and using it daily, my dogs will sit and wait for me to put the harness over their head, and it is completely trauma-free for both dog and owner.

If one wants to buy the harness online, the company uses, a very secure payment system.  Prices range from $34.99-$66.99, depending upon the size of your dog and designs.  Please check out the photos, and try out this harness, you won’t regret it!


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Coming soon to Blog Dog Travel

Hey dog lovers! I’m preparing to do some product reviews. You remember the Rein Coat, that really helped with anxiety, and actually has allowed me to clean the apartment and vacuum with fewer barking and issues.  Now I have two or three new products to check out.  BrilliantK9 has a no pull harness that is very fashionable and based, like the Rein Coat on horse and equestrian concepts. I am super excited to give it a whirl. Both the large Trumpet and the small Trombone will get a chance to try this out.

I am also in discussion with Thundershirt and Thunderleash to see how these products work to help with anxiety and pulling.

Keep your eye out for my posts and pics about how these products work and help keep dogs happy and calm!

Later I’ll also be discussing more recent dog-owner issues that can come up as life takes humans on a ride and brings unexpected challenges.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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The future is yet to be determined

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I have had to take a small hiatus from most of the internet. That’s ok, because when I am able to return it will be with force. However, due to the fact that this blog is about dog travel, I will be writing soon about some pups that are traveling on their own to a new life from Turkey and one in particular who really needs a good home. Please keep your eyes out for that article as it should be coming out this week.

For a bit of a preview, please check out my first article about the “Turkey Dogs” that I wrote for The examiner:


Winter who just arrived yesterday from Turkey has already found a great forever home.

Today was my birthday so I thanked my dogs

There is a festival in Nepal that I just learned about that celebrates dogs being our friends. It’s called Kukur Tihar. The participants make flower garlands for the dogs and use vermillion paste to color their third eye. I was inspired by the idea, so I decided that today, which is my birthday, is the best day to let my dogs know how grateful I am for them. I love my puppies, and I love that they are in my life.

Trombone and Trumpet, I am so grateful that you are in my life. You have taught me so much, and continue to teach me more everyday. I am so lucky that you were willing to accept me as your caretaker. Thank you.

love your pup

photos by Kate McGlynn

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